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This website is currently under construction.

Please feel free to have a look around, but be aware that things are likely to break currently.

Welcome to the Ai-Arena Open Beta!

Open Beta?
The Open Beta is all about breaking things, finding Bugs and enhancing the Workflow. Everyone is invited to upload a Bot to the Ladder :)

  1. Register
  2. Read the Getting Started guide
  3. Upload your Bot to the Website and activate it

Your Bot will be added to the Pool and starts fighting other Bots on the Ladder.


Any problems with the website can be reported in our Discord.

Want to help out?

Refer to the wiki on ways to contribute.

Top 10 bots

Rank Name ELO
1 MicroMachine 2019
2 Jensiiibot 1957
3 SharpenedEdge 1923
4 AdditionalPylons 1893
5 SharpKnives 1791
6 SharpShadows 1773
7 TyrP 1771
8 RoachRush 1757
9 Kagamine 1746
10 SharpCannon 1741