Want to contribute? Here's how...


Make sure you're a part of our Discord so we can more easily collaborate. If you get stuck for how to move forward, you can use the discord to get help.

If this is all too much effort and you're not sure where to start, message lladdy#5723 on Discord and he'll try to help you out.

Report bugs

If you spot something that doesn't quite look right, please report it in discord or create a task in the relevant trello board (listed below).


Our documentation is quite poor currently. You can help be expanding this wiki with extra information and guides: Some ideas:

  • Improve these instructions
  • Improve setup instructions for new bot authors
  • Information regarding how the website operates and how games are played
  • Anything else you think is missing

The git repos can also use instructions for easing setup for new developers as well as technical documentation.


Pick a task or create your own. We use Trello boards for task management. If you're working on a trello task, please click "join" for that task so people can see that someone is working on it.

The website is the easiest to start off with because it is more standalone than the rest of the systems. We will endeavor to mark ideal starter tasks with the "Starter" label where possible.

General/misc tasks:

Website (Python, Django App):

Arena Client (Python):


Twitch Player/Stream bot (Python):

Discord bot (Go):


You can also help by donating financially to the project here.